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About Us


BTW Construction has been providing unprecedented construction services since 2012. Our territory covers all of New Hampshire, southern Maine, northern Massachusetts and parts of eastern Vermont. We cater to all projects large and small. Even though we are renowned garage experts, we also build houses, workshops, sheds, decks and anything in between; residential and commercial. We set ourselves apart by delivering you our highest quality craftsmanship, on-time. Period.

Your next project starts here!

Personalized Approach


Excellence and Professionalism

Here at BTW Construction, we are all about putting in maximum effort, not just to get something done but to achieve the best possible results and to do it with passion! Our choice is not to accept second rate or second best for ourselves or for our Customer’s. We don’t just look at the big picture, we analyze every small detail. We thrive to maintain the quality and accuracy of everything we do while bringing enthusiasm and passion to every job site. We combat setbacks and unforeseen conditions with solutions, not excuses.

When you hire BTW Construction you have the satisfaction knowing we will go to the extra mile and put in the extra effort that makes a difference to the outcome of your project.


Insured and Guaranteed

You can rest assured when you hire BTW Construction. We are fully insured, we practice workplace safety and build and install to manufacturer and local code requirements. 

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